Warehouse Cleaning in Portland

If you own or operate a warehouse in the Portland area, you are most likely so preoccupied with shipping and receiving inventory that you can be forgiven that the overall cleanliness of your warehouse isn’t up to par. Forgiven to a point, that is, because neglecting to provide your employees and clients with a clean, hygienic and organized warehouse will eventually become problematic.

There are two ways you can resolve the problem of an unkept warehouse:

  • 1. Make your staff responsible for the warehouse’s cleanliness.
  • 2. Hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in warehouse cleaning.

While there is no question that certain Portland warehouse operators are going to be tempted to keep the cleaning duties in-house, they have to realize that the obvious cost-saving benefits can sometimes have some consequences. For example, if you have to dedicate cleaning and tidying time to the end of every shift, there might be a difficult adjustment period which can affect the efficiency of your operation. Plus, there is always a possibility that your warehouse staff has gotten into a routine and will resent the added responsibility. But worst of all, there is no quality control when you get your employees to pick up after themselves as everyone’s standards for cleanliness are different.

When you decide to hire a professional cleaning company to mind your warehouse’s cleanliness, you can rest assured that there won’t be any huffing and puffing behind your back and that everything will done with industry standards as the bare minimum. At least, that’s what you can expect when you choose Adriana's Cleaning Service as your warehouse cleaning service provider. For the last several years, Adriana's Cleaning Service has been happy to help make Portland area warehouses safer, more efficient operations thanks to our dedicated staff. For a job well done every time, contact Adriana's Cleaning Service today and get your free estimate.

Warehouse Cleaning to Improve Safety

If safety isn’t your top priority, you are in the wrong business. Warehouses are full of potential hazards waiting to cause an accident. And for the most part, there isn’t much you can do about it because accidents do happen. However, you can minimize the extent of any damage by making sure your facility is as clean as can be.

When loading docks, aisles and racks start to overflow with stock, trash or other clutter, these kinds of obstructions are a problem. If they aren’t disposed of in the right way, they can begin to pile up in front of emergency exits or even block the sprinkler system. Letting our staff come in and make sure that there are no obstructions hurting your warehouse’s efficiency or adding to potential hazards is just good business sense.

If your warehouse relies on forklifts, there is also a high potential for oil leaks that employees can slip and hurt themselves on. When you get your floors professionally cleaned on a nightly basis, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of hazards.

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